Celina Duprat (1994) is an Argentinian videoartist that works between Buenos Aires & Milano. She articulates fiction, documentary, video-dance and artistic installations in order to create fresh and powerful atmospheres. In her films she deals with identity construction and extreme emotional experiences touched by fantastic elements.

Currently working on feature films and advertising, as well continues her exploration through different formats of digital and analogic film. In cinema, she was part the directing team of many feature films from directors Graciela Taquini, Mariano Cohn, Armando Bo, García Lenzi & Martín Blousson, among others.


Majored in Film Realization at National School of Film Experimentation and Realization (EN.E.R.C.), and attended the short career General History of Arts at National Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires (M.N.B.A.). She also won two scolarships from the Normal University of Beijing to create INDUSTRIAL LOOP(2017) and OFFBEAT LEADERS(2020), both documentaries in coproduction with the International Academy of Chinese Communication. 

In 2019, she presented her first video-performance installation "Sabor" as director at the Glitch Art Festival "Corrupted Visions" & "Moving Bodies Butho" at Turín, Italy. From 2014-2020 worked as audiovisual artist in the dance company Grupo Performático Sur (GPS).  During 2020, she graduated from the "Art, Culture and Gender" course at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (Arg).

Co-founder and co-director of film company Coral (@coralproductora). 

Her works was exhibited in several festivals and museums in United States, China, Scotland, Brazil, Argentina, México, Spain and others. 

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