01'30''     (2019)

SABOR from latín sapor, saporis, derived from sapere ‘knowledge’ performatic video-installation w/ live music


The constant searching of flavor and erotic pleasure in everything we consume, it condense and humidify till it’s own putrefaction. Body decompose itself, lose her shape, alters it condition. Music improve an anxiety ambience, describes that little but hungry sensation that some tension which live precisely in the empty space before the absolute abyss. Are those seconds in which have remember your personals traumas. Those moments that survived nostalgia and selective memory, so arbitrary and genuine. Are the internal rivers of the jungle, the deep veins of the body. On that geography, it prints the images that composes us, the images that we consume, the images that we vomit.

director: celina duprat

performer: ambra bergamasco

music: piero poli


turín, may 2019.

contemplation operation

8'12''    (2018)

Videoperformance honored to

Graciela Sacco.

National Museum of Fine Arts

Buenos Aires, Argentina

sweet & fresh candy

41''    (2018)

Spontaneus videoart of 41 seconds

several towns of Piamonte

Piamonte, Italy


2' 34''    (2016)

Performatic intervention for video 
Music: La nube by Gerardi Gandini

played by Ezequiel Grimson

Casa del Bicentenario - 

Buenos Aires, Argentina


7' 58''    (2016)

With the morning tea

Comes the empty faces

Of the night.

From February to August of 2014,

visual artist Marcelo Torretta

was hospitalized in Buenos Aires.

During those 200 days, while having tea

for breakfast, he used the tea bags and

a pen to draw the faces of his “visitors”.

Buenos Aires - Argentina


1' 27''    (2015)

Creative round & research in cemetery

Cementery of Chacarita - 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sensación Térmica

1' 12''    (2015)

Artvideo for Sensación Térmica

Work of Mariana Bellotto & GPS

Buenos Aires, Argentina


2' 21''    (2014)

Caught in white tunnels and infinite loops

we repeat ourselves 

into disappeareance

Music: aun by ABL at album "III" 

Amalfi, Italia 


4' 42''    (2014)

Audiovisual choreographic essay on wind dance

Idea and visual concept: Celina Duprat

Montage: Florencia Vallejos

Music: Julián Rossi, Pablo Zatti and Mariano Zatti


Various scenarios - Argentina


19' 35''    (2013)

Videoart filmed in the exhibition "Taller Ferrari"

 by visual artirts León Ferrari - Yaya Firpo.

Produced by National Department of Fine Arts.

Centro Cultural de la Memoria H. Conti

Buenos Aires, Argentina

© 2020 by celina duprat