11'' 57''    (2017)

Produced in Guillin, Guanxi, China 

INDUSTRIAL LOOP propose a different way to see and think the big production of clothes in China. A famous company that make clothes for USA, Europe and Asia open his door and let spy trough his process. They make 10.000 shirt per day and womens are who manage the industry process, from cutting and sawing to packaging and to the shops. The sounds of the fabric are continues, repetitive and mechanic. All that sounds guides the experience making an industrial symphony.            


+ Direction, camera, sound & montage: Celina Duprat
+ Production: Liu Jie Jie
+ Music: Juan Francisco Ponte


PIVOT (teaser)

7'' 01''    (2017)

A surprising discovery unchains the ghost of a disenchantment. 
Through a hopeless attempt of reconstruction, a hectic search brings both paranoia and reality.



+ Idea & Direction: Celina Duprat

+ Production: Sofía Genovese & Mariana Villalva

+ Direction of Photography: Juan Diego Camacho & Antonella Ricatti

+ Art Direction: Agustina Muñíz & Giuliana Ricciutti

+ Sound Design: Lucas Botto

+ Sound mixer: Matías Nicolás Creche

+ Montage: Florencia Vallejos

+ Music: Julián Rossi, Pablo Zatti & Mariano Zatti

+ Mixed by: Juan Francisco Ponte

© Produced by ENERC - INCAA

RESET (teaser)

12'' 26''    (2016)

A videogame designer, stuck after a failure, finds in the human touch the strenght to face her own creation.


+Direction: Celina Duprat

+ Script: Federico Iufe

+ Producción: Mariana Villalva

+ Director of photography: Juan Diego Camacho 

+ Art director: Agustina Muñíz 

+ Sound Director: Noel Romero

+ Sound Mixer: Matías Nicolás Creche

+ Montage: Jerónimo Perez Rioja

+ Music: Gonzalo Duprat

+ Artwork: Matías Videla

© 2020 by celina duprat