Celina Duprat 

She's an artist & filmmaker.
Born in 1994 in Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

Works in Buenos Aires & Milano.

Celina Duprat majored in Film Realization at National School of Film Experimentation and Realization (ENERC), and attented the short course General History of Arts at National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA)

She speaks and writes in Spanish, English and Italian. Co-founder and co-director of film company Coral. She also works as audiovisual artist in Grupo Performatico Sur, a dance company with permanent residence in the art space Central de Creacion.

She is currently working on feature films and advertising, and continues her exploration through different formats of digital and analogic film.

Festivals & Exhibitions

| 2018 - Projection of "operación contemplación", at the honored exhibition of Graciela Sacco at Casa America in Madrid, Spain.

| 2018 - Official selection of "IMPERMANENCIA" in FIVA 08 - International Film Festival of Videoart

| 2017 – International Exchange for Film Realization of "INDUSTRIAL LOOP" , selected by project “Looking China”. Guilin, Guanxi, China.


| 2017- Official selection for shortfilm “Reset” at:

- Eureka, International Film Festival . Bogota, Colombia

- Latinamerican Independent Film Festival. Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


| 2017 – Official Selection for short docummentary “Cosmopolita Espiritual” at "Todos Somos Otros" Film Festival. Mexico.


| 2017 - Projection of shortfilm "Punto de Giro" at Shortfilm Night "Esculpiendo Sueños / Proyectate Cine". Buenos Aires, Argentina.

| 2014 - Photo Exhibition "S/T" and projection of videoart "CRUDO" at

"Buenos Aires Videodance Festival. Memory. Body. Image" - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"IV International Videodance Festival. Digital Body"- Cochabamba Bolivia


| 2018 - Filmmaker audiovisual & multimedia realization for app Likwid - Italy.

| 2018 - 1st AD of feature film "Un rabino en china" by Walter Tejblum.

| 2018 - Casting Director of the feature film “4x4” by Mariano Cohn.

| 2017 - 2nd unit Director of feature film “Mi obra Maestra” by Gastón Duprat.

| 2017 - 2nd 2nd AD of features films:


-“Animal” by Armando Bo. 

- “Piedra, Papel y Tijera” by Macarena García Lenzi & Martín Blousson. 

“Tóxico” by Ariel M. Herrera.

“La obra secreta” by Graciela Taquini.

| 2017 - Co-Screenwriter & Director of Charo Bogarín's videoclips “Quiela” "Pradera Nocturna" y "Coplitas en siete", realased by Sony Music Entertainment Argentina S.A. 

| 2016 - First Asistant Director of winner's Historias Breves (INCAA) shortfilm “Carla” by Lucia Dobal -premiered in Mar del Plata film internatinal festival 2017.

| 2016 - Audiovisual and photographic realization for difusion, press and archieve of “Performance en el Museo” by Adriana Barenstein in M.N.B.A.

| 2015 -Audiovisual and photographic realization for difusion, press and archieve of “Sensación Térmica” by Mariana Bellotto.


| 2014 - 2nd unit Director of feature film "Living Stars" by Gastón Duprat & Mariano Cohn. 

| 2012 - Production Assistant of the tv program Cupido released by channel TBS veryfunny.

Equipment & Tools



Sony Alpha 7 

Canon 60D

35 mm 1.2 f 

50 mm 1.2 f

28 - 70 mm 3.5 f

18 - 135 mm 3.5 f 

+ accessories


Zoom H4n Pro

Headphones ATH-AVA300

Focusrite Scarlett 2i 4 

Mic Shure SM58

+ accessories​


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  • Photoshop

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  • After Effects

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